Differences between social networks in marketing

So I spent my second day of my internship learning the differences between basic social networks. I had to change my mindset from seeing these social networks as similar and interdependent platforms to seeing them as many different independent marketing platforms.

Twitter can be broken down into many different parts and unlike popular belief, is not useless in the marketing field. Twitter is not only for the average 16 year old Kardashian fan, or the 14 year old Belieber, it is for business use as well. Tweets are much shorter to read than long adverts in newspapers. Thus, it is less time consuming for the consumer.

By adding adverts to YouTube videos, more people can see a company’s adverts. If a company (individual) creates a channel and they gain subscribers, it is much easier to get a bigger audience to watch your videos. Even if a person does not like your video, they still viewed it and they know about your product, so they can tell someone who will be interested about it.

The last one that I want to discuss is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not too complicated but it must be used correctly to be effective. When using LinkedIn as a marketing platform it is important to know that the quantity of connections is not as important as the quality of connections that you have and the information that you share.

I hope you enjoyed reading brief summaries about how these social networking platforms differ from each other.

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